Cirrus Materials Science is an NZ based nano-technology and surface finishing specialist that designs new coating technologies for harsh environments and high-performance applications. As an eco-science venture, Cirrus advanced materials innovations can remove hazardous substances and by-products from the manufacturing process. For NZ customers, Cirrus offers problem solving expertise and nano-material technologies, along with niche plating services for high-performance and specification coatings. For international partners, Cirrus provides direct technology licensing, along with research and design services for the toughest plating challenges.

Key technologies

Cirrus Dopant™ is a simple additive to standard electroplating baths to convert existing coatings into hard-wearing nano-structured composite materials. When used to reinforce coatings, Cirrus Dopant™ will increase the hardness, wear and scratch resistance, and the lubricity of the coating, without altering the appearance or functionality of the coating.
Cirrus Hybrid™ is a major innovation in protection for light metal substrates and 3D printed components. Cirrus Hybrid™ offers the world’s thinnest, lightest, and most energy efficient coating system for aluminium components in electronic and functional applications.



For customers in NZ and Australia, Cirrus offers mil-spec and ASTM gold plating. Cirrus is also the only supplier of chrome-free plating on plastics, and the only provider of trivalent hard chrome and ultra-hard wearing black chrome.


Cirrus is focused on bringing the latest in advanced materials and surface technologies to our customers and partners around the world. Cirrus deploys an innovative R&D model aimed at transferring the technical solution to a customer as quickly as possible, and then providing ongoing support to apply.


For technology licensing, Glen; for research & design, Chris; for plating services, Josh

Glen Slater | Glen.Slater@cirrusmaterials.com | +64 21 662 513

Chris Goode | Chris.Goode@cirrusmaterials.com | +64 21 248 8853

Joshua Venter | joshua.venter@cirrusmaterials.com | +64 21 0818 8588