As an eco-science venture, Cirrus advanced materials innovations can remove hazardous substances and by-products from the manufacturing process.

Cirrus provides novel coatings technologies to global high-tech manufacturers who need innovative, tough, and sustainable surface finishing chemistries for high performance components and harsh environments.

Coatings are intrinsic part of manufacturing the world of things we really upon every day, and surface finishing is a key process in almost every supply chain.  From aeroplanes, to smart phones, to refrigerators, cars, and houses, coatings provide durability to lesser substrates, functionality to basic components, and appealing good looks to humble beginnings.

As a specialty chemicals formulator, we use standardised tools and methods to apply our patented platform chemistries and coatings technologies across a diverse range of industries, in each case to solve a significant and valuable challenge for our customers.

Cirrus customers are the early-adopters and major leaders in their respective industries, motivated to meet challenges of performance, cost, and/or safety head on and with the resources and ability to support new technologies.  For these customers, Cirrus will design and supply a solution from our stable of novel coating chemistries directly into the customers product development process.

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