Electroplating Services

For NZ customers, Cirrus offers problem solving expertise and nano-material technologies, along with niche plating services for high-performance and specification coatings.

Electroplating is a surface finishing process that applies a metal coating to components that require enhanced functionality, protection from corrosion, or decorative finish.  The plated coating acts not only as a sacrificial or protective layer, but also offers improved performance and durability.  For customers in NZ and Australia, Cirrus offers mil-spec and ASTM specification technical plating services, including hard gold plating for electronics.  We also provide nano-composite reinforced plating, ultra-hard wearing electroplated black coatings, and surface modification for specialised components.

Vibratory Barrel System:

Electroplating small components can present many problems, particularly when components are meshed together.  Rotational barrel plating damages parts and creates weaknesses in the plated coating as parts fall on top of one another during processing.  Jigging small items is labour intensive and expensive.  Cirrus are the only NZ electroplater using the ViBarrel plating system, a vertical vibration plating tool invented in Switzerland for plating small components.  The ViBarrel system offers overcomes the issues of rotantional and manual systems, producing evenly coated components.

Advantages compared to conventional barrel plating:

  • No deformation of products.
  • Faster production time.
  • Higher yield.

For more information on the ViBarrel system, see the manufacturers website: http://www.stsindustrie.com/en/

For more information on Cirrus electroplating services and to request a quote, contact josh.venter@cirrusmaterials.com