Design Services

At Cirrus, we apply our patented platform technologies to meet surface design challenges for customers in multiple industries around the world.

  • Our platform technologies enable design of advanced coatings and new surface capabilities for high-tech manufacturing.
  • Our technologies are weightless, knowledge-based exports.  We transfer the applied technology directly to our customer “ready for use” in research, product development and manufacturing.
  • We provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for coating performance and application.
  • We like “high-value design challenges” –  those that impact total cost of ownership or production, or that provide an identifiable market advantage to our customers. This includes:
    • New performance standards that enable a step-change in component value-add.
    • Eliminating chemicals that are hazardous to staff, damaging to the environment, or create regulatory burdens.
    • Reducing the energy and time used in the manufacturing process.
    • Improving the reliability of components to reduce lifetime maintenance costs.
    • Novel surfaces that provide new functionality, aesthetic appeal, or that enable a big change in the range of substrates that can be used.