Our Technologies

For international partners, Cirrus provides direct technology licensing, along with research and design services for the toughest plating challenges.

Cirrus Hybrid™

Cirrus Hybrid™ is a major innovation in protection for light metal substrates and 3D printed components, offering the world’s thinnest, lightest and most energy efficient plating system for aluminium and titanium parts.  for light metals.  Developed by Cirrus, the Hybrid™ coating system is a uniquely high-performance mod-able approach to applying a thin, durable, functional coating with an adaptable surface.

Cirrus Dopant™

Cirrus Dopant™ is a liquid additive to plating baths that leverages the chemistry of the electrolyte to generate a stable suspension of nano-particles.  Just a few millilitres of Cirrus Dopant™ can generate many thousands of nano-particles per litre of plating bath.  Once these particles are generated and stabilised, they will plate into the coating as it deposits.