Cirrus Dopant™

Nano-particle reinforcement for electro-plated coatings.

Cirrus Dopant™ is a liquid additive to plating baths that leverages the chemistry of the electrolyte to generate a stable suspension of nano-particles.  Just a few millilitres of Cirrus Dopant™ can generate many thousands of nano-particles per litre of plating bath.  Once these particles are generated and stabilised, they will plate into the coating as it deposits.

As each plating bath is different, Cirrus will design the Dopant™ to generate and stabilise the right concentration of particles, of the right size, to improve the target coating.  This patented process manipulates the surface energy of the particle as it forms in the electrolyte, so it is compatible with the bath chemistry, enabling Cirrus nano-particles co-deposit into the metal coating uniformly as the deposit grows on the surface of the component.