Cirrus Hybrid™

Superior protection for light metal alloy components.

Cirrus Hybrid™ is a major innovation in protection for light metal substrates and 3D printed components, offering the world’s thinnest, lightest and most energy efficient plating system for aluminium and titanium parts.  for light metals.  Developed by Cirrus, the Hybrid™ coating system is a uniquely high-performance mod-able approach to applying a thin, durable, functional coating with an adaptable surface.

We call this system “Hybrid” because it combines anodising and plating, two coating systems that were mutually exclusive in the past.  Our patented approach to fusing these two coating systems is the only existing method to produce a strong interlock of the plating, through the anodised oxide structure, to the substrate.  This unique combination offers us a new degree of freedom in designing coating surface morphology.  By adjusting the both the anodised structure and the plating deposition parameters, we can control the surface to produce a broad range of outcomes.