Automotive Light-weighting

Driven by regulations and emissions, lightweight is going the distance.

Light-weighting is a strong trend with automakers driven both by regulation in major markets, and consumer preference for lower GHG emissions.

This trend is seen across IC (Internal Combustion) vehicles which are seeing weight reductions each year, and EV’s, where weight and the impact on range are significant challenges. The pursuit of light-weighting is accelerating the use of aluminium and magnesium in vehicle manufacture, both of which need protecting with a surface coating to be durable and attractive. The lack of a low-cost durable coating for these metals has held back their transition to widespread use in all parts of the vehicle.

Durable Cirrus Hybrid™ coatings are now enabling applications in the exposed areas where corrosion is commonly seen, such as in the engine bay. The low cost of Cirrus Hybrid™ is enabling the rapid transition from premium vehicles to mainstream, high volume lines and delivers a durable paint-ready surface also suitable for complex shapes. The process is low-energy and in the case of aluminium, gives a tunable surface morphology able to support customised surface features such as low-drag resistance.

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