Sustainable Hard Chrome Replacement

A considerably harder and more wear resistant ENiP coating.

Cirrus Hard ENiP is a sustainable replacement option for hard chrome.

A potentially easy, low cost transition, Cirrus Hard ENiP is a “drop-in” additive to standard plating baths that produces nano-composite coatings without alteration to the existing plating process.

Either a zirconia or a titania dopant is used to enhance standard ENiP coatings on mild steel, to produce a considerably harder and more wear resistant coating. This effect produces a highly adhesive, durable coating with a hardness of >800HV. The Taber wear result is < 2.4 mg/1000 cycles. ENiP is a flexible option which deposits quickly at 25 microns/hour, and adheres well to many substrates to produce a very hard, durable coating. The process creates low volumes of non-crystalline nano-particles (typically ranging in size from 5nm – 12nm), directly in the plating bath. ENiP coatings have a tighter crystal structure, and a more compact surface morphology, than standard coatings.

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