Advanced coating technologies can assist the Electronics sector to respond to:

  • Reduced lifecycle cost.
  • Competition, which is driving innovation from performance and sourcing.

Reduced cost

  • Consumer demand is driving devices to be smaller, lighter and more robust. This means that components must become lighter, while simultaneously retaining or enhancing their performance properties.
  • Components must be stable under thermal and mechanical cycling, aging, and humidity.
  • Coated components must consistently reproduce the desired properties for a given device (total repeatability)
  • Cirrus HYBRID™ coatings enable the replacement of standard materials with lighter substitutes, by adding a finishing layer that is more resistant to thermal and mechanical cycling, heat and wear.
  • Cirrus DOPANT™ is a drop-in additive to the plating bath that enables a composite metal-ceramic matrix coating with enhanced functionality.
  • Cirrus coatings provide increased conductivity to minimize resistance losses.


  • Competition is leading to demand for reduced toxic materials, better recycling, reduced energy in production.
  • Cirrus DOPANT™:
    • Unlocks a wider range of materials that can be used.
    • Requires fewer coating steps with less chemicals and energy input.
    • Allows a nano-composite alloy coating to substitute for rare elements or materials that require a toxic production process – with no loss in performance.