Aerospace & Defence

Enhance corrosion resistance with energy efficient coatings for light metal alloy components.

Lighter components and reduced drag equate to a lower fuel burn per passenger, increasing range and reducing both emissions and fuel costs.

Sustainability: Regulators are demanding reduced toxic materials under REACh requirements, increased recycling, and reduced energy in production.

Our Aerospace & Defence Technology Platforms

Cirrus Paint-free Colour™

Sustainable, Lightweight surface finish generated from the nano-pores on light metals.

Cirrus Paint-free Colour™ is a disruptive new coating system for light metal alloys and 3D- printed components.

Avoiding the emissions challenges with paint allows sustainability targets to be met.

Cirrus Paint-free Colour™ for aluminium is 75% thinner, lighter and 5x more energy efficient to apply than paint.

Cirrus Dopant™

Cirrus Dopant™ is a drop-in liquid, nanoparticle additive for deposited coatings that enhances the performance and durability of the surface.

Nanocomposite coatings are known for improved mechanical performance and reduced porosity.  Cirrus Dopant™ is process drop-in additive that introduces a ceramic phase secondary particle to a plating bath. No powder-mixing is required, nor handling of nano-particle materials. The stable nanoparticles uniformly co-deposit into the developing metal coating as it is created producing a true nanocomposite coating.

Cirrus Mg Defender™

Cirrus Mg Defender™ unlocks a wider range of lighter materials and requires fewer coating steps with less chemical and energy inputs.

Mg Defender™ improves the corrosion resistance and durability of Mg alloys with a sustainable, low cost advanced surface coating.

Mg Defender™ is a disruptive coating technology that can eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, reduce the energy and raw materials required to apply coatings as well as reduce the complexity involved.

Until recently, the wider use of Mg alloys has been limited by their susceptibility to corrosion.

The growing interest in using light-weight alloys in aerospace to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, means there is a demand for advanced new protective surface coatings.

Cirrus Performance Solutions

Cirrus provides applied functional surface technologies to help clients solve challenging technical problems.

For 3D-printed part manufacturers looking for a sustainable, cost effective and customizable finish, Cirrus enables a simple, in-house solution.

The Cirrus CPα system aims to provide an in-house, end of line product finishing solution that provides a simple platform to deliver surface finishing for additive manufacturing.

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