Advanced coating technologies can assist the Aerospace sector to respond to:

Reduced cost

  • Lighter components and reduced drag equate to a lower fuel burn per passenger, increasing range and reducing both emissions and fuel costs.
  • Cirrus HYBRID™ coatings can protect lighter substrates such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium effectively creating a light component with a hard wearing finishing layer that is more resistant to thermal and mechanical cycling, heat and impact.


  • Regulators are demanding reduced toxic materials under REACh requirements, increased recycling, and reduced energy in production.
  • Cirrus DOPANT™ is a drop-in additive to the plating bath that enables a composite metal-ceramic matrix coating with enhanced functionality that:
    • Unlocks a wider range of materials that can be deposited on wing and leading edge surfaces.
    • Requires fewer coating steps with less energy input.
    • Allows a nano-composite nickel or cobalt alloy coating to substitute for toxic electroplated hard chrome (EHC) with no loss in performance.