We are a team of specialists working at the forefront of innovative coating technology.

Cirrus designs novel coatings technologies for global manufacturers who need innovative, tough, and sustainable surface finishing chemistries for high performance components and harsh environments.

Our customers are the early-adopters and major leaders in their respective industries, motivated to meet challenges of performance, cost, and/or safety head on and with the resources and ability to support new technologies. For these customers, Cirrus will design and supply a solution from our platform of novel coating chemistries directly into the product development process.

The Cirrus Business Model.

We create low energy, low impact processes that require minimal transition effort for our clients and offer maximum performance benefits for their products.

All while staying ahead of the curve on environmental and sustainability benchmarks.

Latest Materials IP

Cirrus develops IP inhouse as well as identifies and engages IP from research institutions. With our market connections and commercialisation expertise, we bridge the gap between lab and industry.

Early technology access

Uniquely we transfer technology early through an engagement structure that seamlessly integrates with our customers’ product development. Our ‘asset light, weightless export’ business model extends New Zealand know-how globally.

Deep customer relationships

We like to take on serious challenges, where customers need our tech to solve major performance, innovation, or cost issues. We then provide exclusivity to lock in advantage for our customers.

Our team

Glen Slater


Chris Goode


Margaret Hyland


Peter Lee


Mike Ashburn


We're ready to put you ahead of the competition. Are you?