A selection of papers on our advanced materials research and developments in the coating industry.

Cirrus has created an advanced materials centre of excellence in New Zealand. Our team of PhD and graduate engineers create industry-leading surface coating designs.

Cirrus combines a dedicated laboratory, with characterisation and testing facilities available through the University of Auckland, to provide state of the art facilities. We extensively collaborate with Australasian Universities and Research Institutes to have access to the latest materials science and technology.


Cirrus has a 3-step engagement model. First, we prove we can make a difference on a client’s most challenging advanced materials design problems with a fixed-fee Proof of Concept study.

Early technology transfer is then enabled in the Product Development phase, where the client gains “experimental use” rights.

The final Commercial Use stage is where Cirrus technology is licenced for sale within a product.



What we do

Cirrus invests in talent, research & development and marketing to create assets such as patents, innovation and branding. We sell these as products in the form of applied IP, licences, formulations, and know-how to Fortune 500 clients who include our tech in their products.

Clients leverage our tech to improve the performance, cost and sustainability of their products, which are leading edge cars, planes, devices and industrial components.

Our technology platforms

Cirrus Paint-free Colour™

Cirrus Paint-free Colour™ is a breakthrough sustainable finish for light metal surfaces that directly generates colour from the surface nanostructure.

Cirrus PolyShield™

Cirrus PolyShield™ technology offers asset life-extension with a tough, optically clear finish for structural or decorative components in corrosive environments.

Cirrus Hybrid™

Cirrus Hybrid™ extends the range of materials available to product designers, providing a low cost highly functional durable surface for light metals with outstanding thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance.

Cirrus Dopant™

Cirrus Dopant™ is a drop-in liquid, nanoparticle additive for deposited coatings that enhances the performance and durability of the surface.

Cirrus Mg Defender™

Cirrus Mg Defender™ is a Magnesium Coating technology that offers low cost, sustainable protection for Mg components which enables the wider penetration of this exceptional light, strong material.

Cirrus Performance Solutions

Cirrus provides applied functional surface technologies to help clients solve challenging technical problems.

Our latest papers

Cirrus Hybrid™ coating technology – a new, environmentally-friendly approach to functional surfaces on light metals.

As the second most widely used metal group worldwide, light metals including aluminium, titanium, and magnesium alloys are essential to many industries and applications. All light metals require coatings to provide significant functional properties, especially corrosion resistance, however, many current coatings solutions are neither cost effective nor environmentally friendly. Cirrus patented Hybrid™ coating technology is an extremely thin, low cost alternative that offers excellent corrosion resistance along with superior electrical and mechanical performance. Cirrus Hybrid™ coatings and their production process are environmentally friendly, with no toxic consumables or by products such as Cr6+, Cd. Hybrid™ coating technology has a great compatibility with existing plating processes including Ni, Cu, Zn-Ni, Ag, Au, which offers wide commercial applications and this paper introduces the fundamentals of this new coating technology.

The use of nano-scale Cirrus Dopant™ to improve existing coatings.

The use of ceramic nano-powders to create composite coatings is well known but is neither simple to industrialize nor environmentally friendly. Patented Cirrus Dopant™ technology from Cirrus Materials Science offers the performance advantages of nano-composite coatings without the implementation and process drawbacks. Cirrus Dopant™ technology is applicable to commercial baths for a large variety of electrolytic and electroless deposited coatings including Ni, Ni-P, Ni-B, Co-P, Au, Ag, Sn, and Zn-Ni. Successful application of the technology simply requires optimization of the specialized Dopant™ to the bath. This paper discusses the process and results for nano-doping commercially important coating baths.

Product Finishing Paper from SUR/FIN

This paper describes a low cost alternative coating technology for light metals that electrodeposits an engineered thin-film coating which bonds tightly to the substrate and provides excellent corrosion and wear resistance along with superior electrical and thermal performance. As a new process, this technology offers a stable, low-cost option to manufacturers and applicators seeking to improve and extend their use of light metal substrates.

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