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Sustainable Hard Chrome Replacement

Cirrus Hard ENiP is a sustainable replacement option for hard chrome.

A potentially easy, low cost transition, Cirrus Hard ENiP is a “drop-in” additive to standard plating baths that produces nano-composite coatings without alteration to the existing plating process.

Either a zirconia or a titania dopant is used to enhance standard ENiP coatings on mild steel, to produce a considerably harder and more wear resistant coating. This effect produces a highly adhesive, durable coating with a hardness of >800HV. The Taber wear result is < 2.4 mg/1000 cycles. ENiP is a flexible option which deposits quickly at 25 microns/hour, and adheres well to many substrates to produce a very hard, durable coating. The process creates low volumes of non-crystalline nano-particles (typically ranging in size from 5nm – 12nm), directly in the plating bath. ENiP coatings have a tighter crystal structure, and a more compact surface morphology, than standard coatings.

To find out more about Cirrus Hard ENiP, and how it could provide an advantage to your business, get in touch with one of our team.