Advanced coating technologies can assist the energy sector to respond to:

Reduced cost

  • We recognize that enhanced asset life is a key driver of profitability in the energy industry. However harder-wearing components must also retain or enhance electrical conductivity and heat transfer to minimize energy losses.
  • Cirrus HYBRID™ coatings provide effective heat transfer via efficient thin finishing layers on substrates.
  • Cirrus HYBRID™ allows lower cost substrates to achieve the same performance.
  • Cirrus DOPANT™ coatings allow nano-composite alloys that provide increased efficiency and reduced scale.
  • Cirrus offers life extension and reduced R&M costs for steel and structural elements in corrosive environments.  Our patented polymer coating fuses directly with the ‘asset’ substrate creating a protective barrier highly resistant to delamination.  This coating delivers;
    • asset life extension.
    • protection in rugged conditions.
    • reduced R&M.


  • Regulators are demanding reduced toxic materials, better recycling, reduced energy in production, and more efficient energy production.
  • Cirrus DOPANT™:
    • Unlocks a wider range of materials that can be used.
    • Requires fewer coating steps.
    • Allows a nano-composite alloy coating to substitute for materials that require a toxic production process.