Cirrus has a specialist functional coatings design facility in Auckland, New Zealand, where we develop and test our materials solutions for global clients. This capability is now unique in New Zealand, so we are often approached by local clients to solve their specific functional coatings and plating challenges. We offer:

Specialist skills

  • Cirrus has a range of patented coatings solutions for components that require enhanced functionality, protection from corrosion, or decorative finish. The coating acts not only as a sacrificial or protective layer, but also offers improved performance and durability.
  • Upon request, Cirrus offers military and ASTM specification technical plating solutions, including:
    • hard gold plating for electronics.
    • nano-composite reinforced plating, and;
    • surface modification for specialised components.

Dedicated facility

  • Our dedicated local facility can deliver consistent quality without long supply chains. Electroplating small components presents many problems, particularly when components are meshed together for conventional barrel plating:
    • rotational barrel plating damages parts.
    • Poor electrical contact creates weaknesses in the plated coating, but;
    • jigging and individually plating small items is labour intensive and expensive.
  • Cirrus ECO-LINE 4.0™ advanced coating applications technology makes use of:
    • stringent environmental and emissions standards.
    • automation and robotics to deliver lower opex.
    • containerised modular units with a small footprint.
    • IOT sensor monitoring & ‘lights-out’ operation.

Local solutions

  • Cirrus is the only NZ plater using the patented ViBarrel plating system, a vertical vibration plating system invented in Switzerland for plating small high spec components, resulting in:
    • no deformation of products;
    • faster production time, and;
    • higher batch yield.
  • Cirrus DOPANT™ advanced coatings can help:
    • unlock a wider range of materials that can be deposited on intricate surfaces.
    • reduce toxic material use.
    • reduce coating steps, using less chemical and energy inputs.
    • speed up processing with no firing or curing.
    • reduce energy use and emissions by production at ambient temperatures.
  • Cirrus HYBRID™ coatings provide effective heat transfer via efficient thin finishing layers on substrates.
  • Cirrus POLYSHIELD™ offers life extension and reduced R&M costs for steel and structural elements in corrosive environments. Our patented polymer coating fuses directly with the ‘asset’ substrate creating a protective barrier highly resistant to delamination. This coating delivers:
    • asset life extension.
    • protection in rugged conditions.
    • reduced R&M.