Advanced coating technologies can assist the Automotive sector to respond to:


  • European emissions rules are redrawing the global automotive landscape. EU targets from 2020 call for a fleet average of 95 grams of CO2 per km by 2021 which is a 40% cut vs 2007 averages.
  • Diesel vehicles are no longer a favoured alternative; new solutions are required.
  • Cirrus coatings offer low drag solutions by using unique surface morphology that reduces skin friction in water and air.
  • Cirrus coatings can interlock with a thermal barrier layer under a hard wearing surface.

Electric vehicles

  • Cirrus coatings can protect light metals and polymers to offer significant weight reductions.
  • Durable nano-composite coatings reduce wear leading to lower lifecycle emissions.
  • Low drag coatings extend range and reduce pressure on battery capacity.